Watch David Roth, CEO The Store WPP, Chairman BAV as he exchanges ideas and discusses hot topics with industry leaders in the retail world, recorded at and in conjunction with the World Retail Congress, Rome 2022.

Retail’s embrace of sustainability, a key theme of the conference, is debated. Supply chain issues – will they ease or worsen? The ever-present need for brands and retailers to innovate, rather than copy. Winning leadership and management styles. The imperative of Brand Purpose – but not at the sacrifice of profit. The post Covid return to bricks and mortar stores and the future of digital and metaverse retailing. These burning issues and many more are discussed.

Every interview full of surprise, knowledge and insights.

And the chance for you to leverage those insights to improve the way you do business. To gain a clearer picture of the new global retail roadmap and build a fresh and robust retail strategy that will enable you to transform and grow your business.

Twenty-five episodes. A host of insights. A world of knowledge.

And also, take the opportunity to enjoy our inspirational metaverse experience – featuring the History of Retail in 100 Objects and the World Retail Congress Hall of Fame.